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Sometimes in life you just get to that ‘why not’ moment, and that happened in the Spring of 2019 when my uncle’s 6 month course of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer failed to halt the disease and he was given a terminal diagnosis. I had also lost my father to this cruel disease in 2006...

I turned 50 in September of 2019 and I just thought ‘Why not complete 50 different events with the aim of raising money for research into pancreatic cancer?’ – so 50 at 50 for Pancreatic Cancer was born #50at50forPC

Dad & Uncle Bill.jpg

My Dad, Nick Lawson and his brother Bill

A young Dad & Uncle Bill.jpg

Survival rates for most forms of cancer have been rising, the five-year survival rates for pancreatic cancer have remained largely unchanged and shockingly low for the past 40 years, at less than 5%: this is the worst survival outcome for any of the 21 most common cancers., compare that to breast cancer where the survival rates - the average 5-year survival rate for women with invasive breast cancer is 90%.


Money is desperately needed for research so that we can help safeguard against others losing their loved ones to this forbidding disease...

Nick and Bill's childhood in Waterford, Ireland, c1946 

So, between my 50th and my 51st birthday I planned  to take on some interesting challenges with the hope of raising much needed funds, seeing some new sights and making some new friends...but then COVID-19 was upon us. Something so unexpected and it put paid to plans I had to run races, walk the Camino in Portugal or jump out of a plane for my first ever parachute jump. 

So 50 at 50 is now going to be split over 2020 and 2021. I still plan to complete 50 challenges, but I have an extra year to do so. 

So how can you get involved or help?

  1. Donate – My 50 at 50 Just Giving page can be found HERE

  2. Suggest an event I can take part in - Email me here:

  3. Join me at an event – Have a look at the event calendar and if something takes your fancy then sign up - it would be great to have some buddies along the way

  4. Spread the word! ... and help me raise as much money as possible #50at50forPCRF


Events completed so far in 2020 



22nd Challenge





21st Challenge




20th Challenge




19th Challenge



13th Challenge Completed


12th Challenge Completed


11th Challenge Completed


10th Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed


2nd Challenge Completed



Challenge Completed



18th Challenge




17th Challenge




16th Challenge




15th Challenge




14th Challenge


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