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Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation 

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If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor then HCR Diastasis is the programme you’ve been waiting for.


A BESPOKE programme grounded by a hands-on assessment, soft-tissue and massage therapy and clear direction on ESSENTIAL healing nutrition, clear instructions on helpful and non-helpful lifestyle choices and most importantly a safe, ’functional’ and modern movement and exercise programme that will help you heal your Diastasis, improve your Core function and guarantee you a better looking belly and a Pelvic Floor that does its job.

  • Most women have never been told WHY this happens and what are the mechanics of Diastasis and why traditional abdominal work they performed before their pregnancy won’t work now in this healing phase.

  • Most women have never been told the HUGE role that optimal nutrition and hydration play in this healing phase.

  • Most women have never been told about the link between the abdominal wall, Pelvic Floor, Diastasis and how they breathe!

  • Most women have never been provided with a BESPOKE (made just for them) restorative programme that takes them from the early days of healing right back to fully restored.

  • Most women have never been provided with a programme that gives them the tools to protect their healing core (Abdominals and Pelvic Floor) while they get on with the demands of life and motherhood.

In simple terms, we bring you back home to your body!


Our programmes are bespoke as we appreciate that no one-size-fits-all.  

The Diastasis programme  is dedicated to helping you understand what’s happened to your body and know the why's and what’s of abdominal separation after pregnancy. It’s our job to help you connect the dots between your posture, breathing, possible back pain, and any pelvic floor dysfunction

We begin by getting back to the basics of posture, breathing and connection. 

There is a strong focus on healing nutrition yet highly effective strategies for assisting you get the specific nutrients required to heal you after birth – without the fuss!

By employing a can-do strategy for helping you rest and de-stress, your experienced  coach, Heather Lawson, will guide and support you to not only a better looking belly, but one that functions, and supports your pelvic, core, and overall health.


You’ll be asked to complete a HCR® pelvic health screening form to decide if this easy and conservative exercise-based programme is right for you, or whether you need further clinical attention.

Once your pre-screen is complete, your coach Heather will go through an assessment which includes tests of your postural alignment and pelvic floor/core connection. This enables us to see where you are on your post natal journey and tailor the programme to suit your needs and get you the very best results. 

You will then be able to attend your first session on line with Heather.  You will also receive your HCR® Client Education Booklet together with the fitness kit required for the course.  

If you have any questions or you’re unsure which programme is right for you, schedule a call to review all your needs, even if you don’t work with us or we need to refer you to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, you’ll have got great valuable advice.

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