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Daniela - London SE22

"Let me start this by saying this "I HATE EXERCISE" 


However I started training with Heather as I wanted to increase my fitness to keep up with my young son, and also work on core strength to help with a back condition. 


The sessions were always different, so I could never get bored, and were reflective of how I was feeling on the day, so we had boxing for stress relief, stretching and mobility on the days when I felt stiff as well as full on HIIT sessions that got the heart pumping too. Heather was able to make sure I didn't view exercise as a chore. 


Fitness, mobility and flexibility increased, I can keep up with my super active son, and an added bonus, was just having time out of the day just for me - a must for any busy mum! 


Whatever she did had an effect, as I am surprised to say that I have kept up my fitness, even though I still hate exercise!"

Jacqueline  - London W1

I have had many trainers in the past as working out has always been important to me. Heather was the best out of all of them.


She is knowledgeable, highly educated, understanding, thoughtful, and basically bloody brilliant!! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work out with someone who truly ‘gets it’.


She really is the best of the best.

Alison  - London SE13 

Heather is a great PT, gives loads of advice, is quick to tailor the exercises to suit people's needs and helps with diagnostic and recovery from my injuries.

Jamie – London SE3

I run a lot of miles, including some huge distances, and my performance has improved and I have had less injuries after seeing Heather for regular strength and conditioning training. I have learnt from Heather that this is critical for me if I want to stay injury free and to be ready for the big races.

Nat  – London SE16

Heather is A-mazing!! I train for general health and fitness but also for events. Heather makes every session different and makes it fun(ish), but most importantly she's extremely knowledgeable... Literally everything we do is tailored around my goals, my abilities (or lack of) and my lifestyle. If I have even a small niggle she can pinpoint it and deal with it, preventing injury and she constantly gives me great advice (even if I pretend to disagree because I don't want to do it!!). She's helped me get stronger, keep me motivated and reach my goals. Highly recommended!

Lisa – London SE13

‘I’ve just competed the virtual 12 week Everywoman program with Heather & I can highly recommend it to anyone who needs support with their pelvic floor.


I gave birth a year ago & as a result I sustained a pelvis injury.  I’d tried many pelvic floor apps & gadgets but struggled to stick to anything- this is where the Everywoman program is different, within a few weeks I could feel my core getting stronger & it was obvious it was improving my pelvic floor.


Heather was great at understanding my needs and adapting the program to suit my specific situation- she is empathetic, knowledgeable and a friendly understanding coach.  I finally had the confidence to start running again thanks to Heather- I could immediately tell when I started running that my core had strengthened and my pelvic floor didn’t let me down once. I’m now at 5K and am sure I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the Everywoman program & Heathers continuous support.’ 


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