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Running Coaching

Got the running bug, but don’t know how to get started?

Or are you training for an event and want to ensure you stay injury free?

Bespoke Consultation

Each programme is bespoke so that I can understand your running history, where you want to get to, and any injuries you have had along the way. Let's get on a call today!

My Experience

As a running coach I have helped people from couch to 5k, or make the leap to 10K and created tailored training programs for people aiming for their first half marathon, chasing that elusive PB, or stepping up to ultra distances.

If you are looking for a training plan that is bespoke to you and is set around your fitness levels, your commitments, yet will get you to your goal and keeps you accountable and motivated too – then online training could be for you! 


Training Options

Online Training  - from £55 per month 

You get check-ins during the week to keep you on track, as well as strength and conditioning sessions to keep you injury free, alongside your tailored training programme

1 to 1 Run Coaching Sessions 

These can focus on technique, strength & conditioning, as well as interval and hill training 

1 x session £45

5 x sessions £210 

10 x Sessions £400



Backpackers achieve amazing things, just at a slower pace

or as Backpackers put it - their race at their pace!

Who we Are

I am also the running coach for a running crew in London called Backpackers. No, they are not antipodeans, they are a group of people who enjoy more casual paced running, so can be found at the back of the pack. The crew is based out of the ASICS store on Regent Street, London W1  and meets to run or train together each Thursday night at 6.45pm.

Although due to COVID restrictions we are curretnly not meeting up, so find us on Facebook @BackpackersRunning to see what we are up to.

It's Free!

As well as being friendly, inclusive & supportive Backpackers is also completely free, so join us for a session, you won’t look back!


Contact Me

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