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Fire walking? It's just mind over matter!

Finally writing up challenge number 11!

As you can tell I am way behind in writing up my blogs, as this challenge happened way back in November last year, and although it was over in a matter of seconds, it has been one of my favourites! 

Why? Because it’s not normal to walk over hot coals, and once you learn about the science and how to do it, you just want to keep doing it!

So on arrival at Chiswick Park (I was very confused because I thought it was a green park, with trees and things and not a business park full of offices!), I meet up with Natalie Doble, friend, Backpacker and all round ‘give it a go’ type person and we sit down to a briefing.

I am not going to give away the science behind how to fire walk – but once the experts from  UK Firewalk had  given us the low down on how to fire walk, and allayed any fears anyone had about getting burned, and if we did get burned what to do (put your foot in a bucket of water!) We were all good to go outside as the got the fire going. 

There is two ways of creating the fire, charcoal or wood, and as we wandered outside, we could see piles of wood being lit. We were advised that the heat gets to 1200 degrees!! But not when we walk on it! 

So the fire was lit, and we patiently queued up to take our terms (as several people got into a discussion about who was going to be first … about 5 people wanted to be the first to walk on hot coals!

The event was organised for 7th November, just 2 days after bonfire night, and Chiswick Park was  buzzing with people who had turned up for a firework display, unaware that we were on the bill too – crowds were trying to get a good view as one, by one people walked over the hot coals. 

It was time, the coals were just a couple of steps away – and as my feet were freezing having stood on cold, wet grass for 15 minutes, I was good to go …. and there I was standing, walking, on hot coals …. and then it was over, and I wanted to do it again, and again! 

don't look very happy do i?

The thing about fear, is that it gets in a loop in your head, and goes around and around, whittling away at you  - and then to overcome that fear, and feel  that elation – it is pretty surreal – as the walk was over in seconds. The buildup took neatly 30 minutes, and the fear was taken away in less than 10!

I think that is a happy 'thank god I didn't burn myself' face!

Medal time!

Would I do it again? Yes ... and again and again.

There is just something cool about getting one over on your mind.

Natalie was right behind me, killing her fears too (presuming she felt the same as me!)  - all that built up, and all we had to show for it was sooty feet! 

With a celebratory beer, we then watched the awesome firework display along with 5000 other people!

Want to give fire walking a go? Fight your fear and just do it!

I am completing 50 challenges in my 50th year rasing money for pancreatic cancer - if you would like to support this charity you can make a donation here


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