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Become a Braveheart Fitness Boot Camp Warrior!

Boot Camp is a fun way to meet new people, whilst getting fit and enjoying the fresh air. Braveheart Boot Camps are one hour long and held on Blackheath by All Saints Church close to the village.

The Boot Camps are a mix of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Strengthening & Conditioning and Core work.

Starting with a warm up to get the blood flowing, the session then uses portable equipment and body weight exercises to give you a full body work out and set you up for the day. The session ends with some stretches to keep you flexible and ease out any tension in your muscles.

Sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and exercises can be adapted to suit beginners through to those with more advanced fitness levels. Sessions are never the same, exercises change all the time. We use battle ropes, kettle bells, dumb-bells, medicine balls, slam balls as well as a mix of body weight exercises.

... And, we never let the weather get the better of us!


The benefits are simple:

  • Meet new people

  • Have fun

  • Get fitter

  • Learn new exercises

  • Enjoy the outdoors


  - Drop in per session: £11.00

  - 5 x sessions: £50

  - 10 x sessions: £100


Braveheart Fitness Corporate Boot Camps

If you are a business that has space that can be used for exercise (indoor or outdoor), Braveheart Fitness can bring their Boot Camps to you. Using portable equipment, we can work with you to keep your workforce fit and healthy. These sessions can be used for superb team-building exercises too!

Get in touch for more details.

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