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Running Coaching


Got the running bug, but don’t know how to get started?


Or are you training for an event and want to ensure you stay injury free?


As a running coach I have helped people from couch to 5k, created tailored training programs for people aiming for their first half marathon, chasing that elusive PB, or stepping up to ultra distances.


Running the London Big Half, 2019


Backpackers running a leg of the London Relay 2019


Backpackers completing the Hackney Half, 2019



I am also the running coach for a running crew in London called Backpackers. No, they are not antipodeans, they are a group of people who enjoy more casual paced running, so can be found at the back of the pack. The crew is based out of the ASICS store on Regent Street and meets to run or training together each Thursday might at 6.45pm. It is completely free, is inclusive, supportive and if you join us for a session, you won’t look back! You can find them on facebook: @BackpackersRunning or on instagram: @backpackersclc


Backpackers achieve amazing things, just at a slower pace, or as Backpackers put it, at a #sexypace - Their race at their pace!


So if you need help with a training program, are stepping up to a new distance, or want to start running for the first time please do get in touch All programs are completely tailored to the time you have available and what you want to achieve.


Running on your own can sometimes be the best feeling in the world. A chance to use each strike on the ground as a meditation and zone out.​ Sometimes though it is nice to have a running buddy, especially if you are training for a specific event and need that extra motivation to get moving.​ 


I have a network of runners of all abilities, from those doing their first 5K, to those stepping up to run their first 100 mile race, and every option in between.​ 


I can easily put you in touch with other likeminded runners, especially if you are based in Blackheath/Greenwich/Lewisham or Holborn, so get in touch and I can help you find a running buddy.


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