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As a Personal Trainer who is qualified in adapting exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal clients...

... Heather has the expertise to guide you through your pregnancy, or ensure that you are fit and healthy before you start to conceive.

Pregnancy is often a time of the unknown for many. Questions are always raised about what is possible and what is not.


Frequent questions are:

  • If I exercise will I harm the baby?

  • Can I still run?

  • Can I lift weights?

  • How do I manage my weight during the pregnancy?

  • I always feel too tired to exercise when I’m pregnant, what can I do?

The answers are always dependent upon the individual, however what is known is that those that are active during their pregnancy generally have shorter labours and return to their normal activities quicker than those women who do not exercise during their pregnancy.

As with one to one personal training sessions, we will have with an in-depth chat about what you want to achieve, your likes, dislikes and then a personal program is written just for you – with the aim of helping you reach your goal of being a fit and healthy mum.


We can travel to your home, office, or local park. Sessions can be gym based depending on your location.

Pricing - One to One Ante or Post Natal Personal Training:

   - 1 x session £45

   - 5 x sessions £210

   - 10 x Sessions £400


1-2 Personal Training Sessions


Want to train with another mum or friend then 1-2 Personal Training Sessions could be perfect for you.

You get all the benefits of one to one training sessions, whilst training with a buddy, and you get to share the cost too...

Pricing - One to Two Ante or Post Natal Personal Training:

   - 1 x session £70

   - 5 x sessions £320

   - 10 x sessions £600

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