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Empowering Women Through Fitness

Sometimes you have to be Brave of Heart to make a change to your health and fitness...

About Us

Sometimes you have to be Brave of Heart to make a positive change to your health and fitness...


And this is where I step in to give you the solutions to make this change possible. I'm Heather, owner of Braveheart Fitness.


Every female I help will have a bespoke fitness package created just for them, meeting them right where they are now, and taking them where they want to go! 


So if you are wanting to lose weight, regain fitness after pregnancy, need to work on your pelvic floor health, or have reached those menopause years and need some help and advice on how to feel more vital, then we have a solution. 


I have worked with women of all ages, shapes and sizes, all with different goals and also very different backgrounds. Some have had medical conditions such as Osteoporosis, Diabetes, or Obesity. Others have been mums, who have been left with pelvic floor issues, or Diastasis Recti after pregnancy, others have been women who have simply had that lightbulb moment and realised that they needed help on their fitness or their weight loss journey. 


I’ll make the training fun, help you take back control of your body, and help you achieve long term sustainable results!


Braveheart Fitness is all about empowering women, educating them, and tackling those taboo body subjects so that you can live the life you want!

Hear from Our Community

"I have had many trainers in the past as working out has always been important to me. Heather was the best out of all of them. She is knowledgeable, highly educated, understanding, thoughtful, and basically bloody brilliant!! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work out with someone who truly ‘gets it’.  She really is the best of the best"
- Jacqueline  - London W1

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